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Primary caregiving

At Star we promote a primary caregiving system, essentially this means each child is assigned to one Educarer, who becomes your child’s ‘primary caregiver’. It is the primary caregiver’s responsibility to ensure your child’s needs are met, as well as forming a strong relationship with both you and your child to ensure strong lines of communication.

Getting to know your child’s primary caregiver will help you feel more at ease about leaving your child with them. Having an allocated primary caregiver can further assist the settling process making it a smooth and easy transition into Star.

At Star we also promote a secondary caregiving system. A secondary caregiver is chosen by the child, based from the relationship they have naturally formed during their first few weeks at Star. It is important to note that primary giving is not exclusive caregiving. All of our team members work collaboratively to ensure quality care is maintained.


How we promote primary caregiving at Star

As your child’s primary caregiver I will:

Build a relationship with you and your child

Show respect by treating your child as an active participant

Provide a predictable environment

Let your child make choices

Allow your child to freely move and explore

Provide a physically safe, cognitively challenging and emotionally nurturing environment

Sensitively observe your child during play

Allow long uninterrupted times for play

Foster interactions between peers

Provide appropriate space for exploration

View your child as capable

Model appropriate behaviour

Understand your child’s needs and meet them where possible

Encourage self-settling and self-consoling

Tell your child what I am doing with them before I do it

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Parent Involvement and Information
Parents/caregivers are welcome at Star Early Learning at any time. We encourage parents to become involved in our centre and work with educarers to set learning goals for your child.

Each child has a learning journey which documents your child’s learning and development. These books can be taken home at any time to share with your family.

We appreciate any contributions you wish to add, eg, stories from home, photos, or comments on our learning stories.

Parents are kept well informed through conversations with educarers, parent notice boards and newsletters. Notices are put in your child’s pocket.

Please feel free to ask our educarers if you have any questions or would like any information.

Please refer to the Parent notice board for your input for policies being reviewed.

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